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High security Identity and Access Management

IAM out of the box

bi-Cube smart – concentrated power, right out of the box

Who is allowed to do what, when, and for how long? This is the question that Identity and Access Management (IAM) systems set out to answer. Their focus is primarily on user and permissions management, but access control and data security are also becoming increasingly important.

Many enterprises are still struggling to achieve the necessary level of security for the personal data they hold in order to prevent the risk of loss, alteration or unauthorized access. And since the introduction of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in May 2018, organizations have had to comply with even tougher data protection standards. An IAM system can help you meet these requirements. bi-Cube is especially effective at this, thanks to its own specialist authentication methods, role-based design, risk classification for personal data, and its granular approach to permissions and approvals.

bi-Cube smart is a highly flexible package. The system provides all the basic IAM functionality out of the box, with very little time and effort required for implementation. And you also have the option of extending its functionality beyond centralized user and permissions management and process automation by selecting from a wide range of optional add-ons.

Benefits of bi-Cube smart

  • Manages your user data and organizational structure
  • Intelligent rule-based permissions control
  • Efficient permissions management using roles
  • Additional modules available as required
  • Ready to go from day one – no long implementation period
  • Efficient and dependable implementation of corporate data protection and data security policies
  • Automates your administration

Available add-ons

  • Azure AD & Office 365
  • Team management, including document management
  • GDPR manager
  • Digital personnel files
  • Policy management
  • Document-based request management
  • All available in the bi-Cube GO app: task management from smartphone or tablet

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